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PhotonJohn collects photons reflected from objects with cameras, creates photos, organizes them in galleries, and displays them on the web

Galleries are selected photographs shot over the years and processed using Adobe Lightroom. The selected photos are uploaded to Adobe servers where they are organized into galleries ready for display on the web. This web site is a front end to the galleries.

Photo Galleries

When in a gallery, click on a photo, then click the info button on the right to show meta and location data. Photos shot with smartphones usually have location data and a map, but photos shot with other cameras may not

Farmer Markets

Colorful flowers, fruits, and vegetables displayed in farmer markets
Farmer Markets

Flower Galleries

Each flower gallery has something special about it

Collections of colorful flowers
Colorful Flowers

Flower photos using focus stacking
Entire Flower is in Focus

Macro views of flowers
Up Close and Personal


Photos of various landscapes


There is something magical about trains

Big Trains

Garden Railroads
Small Trains

All Railroads
All Trains


When photography hit the digital age, my ideas about telling stories with photos was realized. I wasn’t interested in chemically developing film or printing photos in a dark room. I relied on others like Kodak.

I’m a computer systems architect and electronics engineer with decades of passion pursuing what’s new and improved within the computer and electronic industries, so when photography entered the digital age I was ready for it.

Digital photography tools have evolved over the years. My development tool of choice these days is Adobe Lightroom.



John at johntelford dot com
Portland, Oregon

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